Each year, a careful selection process and criteria is carried out to award pitches to crafts people for the event.

The first rule of the selection process is that your goods must be hand crafted. Some of the other considerations include; your business locality or residence locality, quality of goods, type of goods and how well your goods or type of goods sell historically at The Craft Fair (based on your previous donations or craft type historical donations).

The amount of applications for pitches usually greatly exceed the stalls available, receiving and processing nearly 200 applications for just over 100 pitches.

The selection panel sets out to award stalls to crafters offering quality handcrafted individual goods within each category.

The Craft Fair is a community fundraiser run by volunteers. 

There is a registration fee which goes towards the overall event insurance and other related set up costs. This year we plan to add Crafters only event internet connection for contactless payments. 

There is no pitch charge, but stallholders make a donation. A guide is 10% of their day’s takings.  The majority of stallholders are generous with their donations, which are usually more than 10% of their day’s takings.  All donations are recorded and taken into consideration for any future applications from the stallholder. – please remember, all our hard work for this event is primarily for FUNDRAISING which goes back into the community to good causes!

The Application Process


Apply for a pitch

  • Apply to the craft fair


Send images of your craft


  1. Please upload examples of your images and a short text about you and your craft, and the goods you will sell on the day.  It’s FREE to use WeTransfer 
     WeTransfer    https://wetransfer.com/

  2. To ensure we add them to your application form and file there is a message area, so please leave your Full NAME
    AND BUSINESS NAME on Title or in Message.
    Using we transfer – Click here to go to instructions


Applications Close

Applications close on FRIDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2023



Selection Panel Process

Applications are processed and provided to the selection panel members.  We plan for The Selection Panel to meet at the end of February to discuss and finalise the results of the selection process.


Pitch offers, declines and waiting list

We plan that during the first week of March, applicants will receive either a pitch offer, a decline or a wait list offer.  This is sent via Mailchimp. 

Emails can end up in your Junk folder.  Please ensure the email address lucinda@theburnhammarketcraftfair.co.uk is added to your email contact address book to avoid this happening – if in doubt – please check your junk folder!


Pitch acceptance, registration fee & waiting list

If you have been offered a pitch with registration fee payment details, please accept and pay the non-refundable registration fee or decline via email ASAP. 

Waiting list crafters will be offered declined or cancelled pitches. 

Accepted Stallholders info

Once you have accepted your pitch and paid your registration fee, you will be contacted for;

  1. Gazebo size/pitch size details (email request for information usually sent out in May)
  2. Your Public liability insurance cover certificate for 19th August 2023 (usually requested by email in May/June)
  3. Optional Table hire (usually sent by email in June)
  4. Table hire allocation confirmation and payment instructions (usually requested by email in June/July)
  5. Arrival instructions (usually sent out mid to late July)

How to send images via wetransfer.com

  1. Please upload examples of your images and text about you and your craft and goods that you will sell on the day  
    via WeTransfer    https://wetransfer.com/
  2. To ensure we add them to your application form and file there is a message area,
    so please leave your Full NAME
    AND BUSINESS NAME on Title or in Message.

  3. Click on the circle with 3 dots

  4. click on Send via email transfer

    using this email address, lucinda@theburnhammarketcraftfair.co.uk

    If you accidentally click on Get transfer link – don’t panic, just copy and paste the transfer link in a separate email to Lucinda.

Your images and information is used as part of the selection committee process and if your application is successful, selected images will be used in publicity for the event.